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Venice Vacations
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Venice Vacations

Cheap Airline Tickets

As with any vacation to Europe, one of the main challenges is getting cheap airline tickets, since that can account for a big chunk of the cost of our vacation. Here's a few tips to get some discount tickets:

First, make sure you start looking for your tickets early! If you plan on going to Venice during the summer, make sure to start looking for your tickets in early spring or even late winter. Airlines like it when you book ahead of time and are happy to give you a discount for doing so. Not only that, it'll give you some concrete days to plan your vacation around! It's no fun to figure out where you want to go only to find out later that there's no flights in and out of Venice on the days you'd like!

Second, scout around on the web for the best deals. Places like orbitz and expedia are great for price comparisons amongst different airlines. You never know till you look around

Third, don't buy your ticket too fast! Airline ticket prices fluctuate over the course of a week or month, so check back often. You could save 20 or 30% just by waiting for a day or two!

And lastly, if you are flying such a long distance, make sure to remember to check ticket prices from different airports nearby, which can often result in a dramatically different price.

Most importantly though, don't let airline tickets stress you out and remember to have a great time on your vacation!:)

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