Venice Vacations
Venice Vacations

Venice - Weather And Climate

You can probably predict how the climate in venice will be by looking at the map. Yes you are right, the Adriatic sea has a profound impact on the weather of this prime tourist destination. It rains almost uniformally throughout the year with every month getting more than 2 inches or around 54mm of rain. January can be cold and july - you guessed it - can be hot with temperatures being of the order of -1 and 30C. 40 degrees has also been recorded!

Summer- If you have a choice, avoid going in peak summer. The city is filled with travellers - backpackers, budget travellers, art students - you name it. The heat also attracts flies and makes the canals stink. Avoid this time if you can, you may not come away with a very good impression.

Autumn in Venice is grand. The temperature is just right, around 15 C and the sunsets are a dream! Its not too wet either and walking is a pleasure. The only issue is the shorter days. You get around 8 hours of daylight only. That could be a constraint to serious sight seers.

Winters are cold but sunny. Daylight hours are short but begin to lengthen noticeably by February. You could get a lot of fog and rain but it clears up rapidly. Snowfall is not a regular phenomenon but it does occur sometimes. One advantage is the reduced numbers of tourists and the better prices for just about everything.

Acqua Alta - Since Venice, Italy is known for the water flooding its streets, a discussion of weather will not be complete unless I tell you about the 'Acqua alta' or the high water. This occurs when the lagoon water rises above sea level and water comes on the plazas and streets. Officially, acqua alta is said to occur when water rises by more than 90 cm above sea level. Under 'normal' aqual alta, around 10-12% of the streets get covered by water and normal life is hardly affected. If the flooding is severe, upto 96% of the streets have been known to be flooded. If this is anticipated, sirens are blown in advance to warn people.

As can be expected, the city has adapted to high water very well. Pathways are raised and maps showing the areas expected to be water logged are clearly marked on maps.

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