Venice Vacations
Venice Vacations

Venice - Facts And Figures

Cars - Taking a car to Venice is probably not the smartest things to do! You will probably just pay for parking it. With more than a hundred islands, one hundred and fifteen canals and over four hundred bridges, Venice is one of the largest cities in the world where cars are not allowed! Car drivers must leave their vehicles on the mainland or leave them in large parking lots constructed just for this eventuality. You could pay a lot though. So re-think about driving to Venice.

Time - Venice observes Italy time - one hour ahead of UTC. Daylight saving starts (as it does all over Italy) on the last Sunday of March and changes over once again on the last Sunday of October.

Power Supply - Venice (once again as all of Italy) has a standard 220V 50Hz electrical supply. Take care therefore, if your appliances have different requirements. The plugs in use are standard European plugs with cylindrical metal pins. You can get adapters in most electrical shops but it will simplify matters if you are prepared.

Money and Banking - Currency in use is the Euro and ATM availability is very good. Banking hours generally in vogue are 0830 hours to 1330 hours and 1530 hours to 1930 hours. All major credit cards are honoured.

Civic Sense and Safety - Venice is safe, while there is not much night life, some watering holes do stay open till late at night. But take care, noise nuisance is something the locals take very seriously!

Population Of Venice - Nearly 300,000. Venice is one of those cities where tourists easily outnumber locals! Large numbers of backpackers and student travellers wade through the water every year.

City Layout - The older part of the city is divided into six areas called sestieri. These are Castello, Cannaregio, San Polo, Dorsoduro, Santa Croce and San Marco. Many guidebooks discuss monuments by these areas; hence you may need to stay acquainted with these names.

The San Marco Bell Tower - A huge bell tower 12 m wide and nearly a 100m tall. Wine merchants would rotate around the tower to stay in its shade. The Venetian term for a glass of wine - ombra came from here. Ombra also means shade! (compare with the English word 'umbra')

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