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Venice Vacations

Food In Venice

Much of Venetian food is like the rest of Italy, however, there are some differences and of course a large reliance on sea food. A trip to Venezia can be quite a 'palatable' experience as well as a visual treat. First a few basic tips -

If you are a budget traveler, you can get by on a $15 to 20 a day for your food. Of course this means a certain frugality, but you won't go hungry for sure! If you sit and eat at a restaurant or are waited upon and served with food that follows a chef-made recipe, remember it is all adding to your bill! So if you need to watch your Euros, then you are best off standing at a bar and eating. Similarly, whenever there is a choice between indoor and outdoor seating, the outdoor seats will cost you more. In both the cases, you could easily end up paying double!

Breakfast (prima colazione) all over Venice, Italy is a quick cup of coffee and a croissant or a pastry. You do get tea, milk and juices as well. Very often there is a choice of rolls and pastries.

An anytime snack, though favoured more in the afternoons and before dinner is the famous cichetti. You pronounce it Chee-keht-tee. These are small bite sized snacks - varying in composition from simple salami to elaborate rice balls with fillings. You simply point to the one you like and order a glass of wine to go with it. Pay when you finish.

Lunch in Veneto, Venice can be elaborate hot meals you have sitting down or tramezzini - small triangular sandwiches a many different types of filling. Cichetti, pizza, pasta etc are also favourite foods. Most tourists actually have tramezzini or pizza as they walk along and choose to have an elaborate meal later in the day.

Dinner can be a multi course meal or a simpler pizza. Great pizza is available in Venice. Seafood is another favourite and enormous choice in is available. Bollito misto is steamed or boiled shellfish or fish> it's a favourite all over Venice. Tourists who are not so accustomed to boiled fish may find fritto misto tastier. Fritto misto is sea fish dipped in batter and deep fried and served n huge quantities. Great with a glass of wine to accompany it.

As far as costs go, keeping in mind the tips given above, you can also choose between humble eateries called trattoria and their fancier cousins - the ristorante. Food in Venice is great, the variety is enormous and you can be sure that you will go back home licking your finger and weighing a little bit more!

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