Venice Vacations
Venice Vacations

Funds For Your Trip To Venice

If you are a tourist like me, you probably need to be aware of your finances. The other kind a person who does not need to worry about money would probably not open this page anyway! As always, it pays to be aware and prepared. Venice is not cheap as many a backpacking tourist would have found. It pays, like I said before to do a little maths.

Getting into Venice from the airport is will cost you around 10 if you travel by a public boat. Alternatively, you could take a water taxi which will cost around 80.

Visitors Guide To Venice

All kinds of accomodation is available in Venice, Italy. You can choose from hotels of all shades to inns, guest houses and B&Bs. A great way to get bargains is to look for hotels that have a vacancy for tomorrow. You can get more than 50% discounts if you are willing to put up with a little uncertainty. Do not try this during the peak tourist season though! Typical rates can start from around 50 and go up to many times this.

Eating is Venice is not cheap. However, there are a few tricks to remember - if you are on a budget. First if you have a choice of sitting down to have a meal of have it standing up against a counter choose the latter. Rates will be half! If there is a choice between seating inside a restaurant and outside it, choose the former. Once again you pay lesser. Coke is much cheaper froma kiosk rather than at a restaurant. Bye and large, you can hope to get along on around 20 a day.

ATMs are a plenty, so you should not be carrying much cash at all. In fact you should draw Euros from your savings once you land in Europe. You wil get slightly better rates this way. The standard credit cards are honored in venice, though, if you go to the smaller shops, it is better to check before you commit. If you plan to exchange your dollars, you could do that at a Bank or in the market. You could get variations in rates in the market, so fdont hesitate to look around.

Venice, Veneto also has a blue and an orange card system where you pay once and get entrance to a number of museums, transport systems and toilets for a specified number of days. A one day blue card costs aound 14. Rates telescope rapidly if buy for multiple days.

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