Venice Vacations
Venice Vacations

Getting Around Venice

One of the best things about Venice is the fact that you can walk around the entire city with ease. Couple that with the fact a good way to see Venice is by getting lost in the city and you have the recipe for a perfect holiday. In fact you can walk from one end of the main city in about an hour.

Getting around Venezia faster is made easier due the numerous types of water transportavailable in the city. Depending on the amount you are willing to shell ouut, you can choose to use the public water buses called the vaporetti or use private water taxis. The vaporetti is by far much cheaper to use, for example, the vaporretti will cost you 10 from the jetty to the islands whereas the water taxi will cost around 80.

Nearly every film about venice features a romantic gondola ride with a boatman singing O Sole Mio. The gondola ride is what something every tourist dreams of as she comes in. However, it is worth remembering that the ride can be expensive. You should bargain in advance and try and get the rate reduced by around 20%. Another way to get better rates is by sharing the gondola with other tourists. This may not be as romantic but is certainly very practical.

One of the best experiences you can probably get is riding the vaporetti down the Grand Canal just before sunset. The trip may cost you nothing much but the sites you see are unparalleled. This is one trip that may not take you anywhere, but the journey itself is the destination. Vienna, Florence, Gondola etc are some places you can visit there.

As a tourist you have an option of walking down Venice by yourself or taking a conducted tour. It all actually depends on the time you have and the exploration you intend to do. If the time at you disposal is not large, it may make sense to join a guided tour. Sharing with a number of fellow tourists is an easy way to bring down costs. You can get the tour customised to your intersts and the time (and money) you are willing to spend.

Remember that you will be walking a lot in Venice packing comfortable and broken in shoes is a good idea. You should also carry a small torch since the walkways often end in water and the lights on the streets may not be very bright.

Your vacation in Venice will surely be something that you will cherish for years and taking a few basic precautions to ensure your comfort and stretch your Euros will make it even more enjoyable.

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