Venice Vacations
Venice Vacations

Accommodation Options In Venice

As is to be expected from an excellently organized tourist city, Venice offers the traveler a complete range of accommodation to choose from. You can opt for a full range of star Venice hotels from one star to five star that meet your budget and specific needs. Besides the hotels, there are also a number of other options that are available to you. You can opt to get a taste of genuine Italian hospitality by opting for a stay with a family on a bed and breakfast basis, for a longer stay you could choose to stay in an apartment. There are a lot of options that are also available in terms of youth hostels, inns and guest houses and even in old stately villas that have been turned into luxury hotels.

Visitors Guide To Venice

The first rule a tourist needs to know about accommodation in Venice, Italy is that dealing directly with the hotels themselves will give you much better rates than would be possible if you booked through a middleman or agent. Fortunately, every major (and most minor) hotels and staying establishments in Venice have put up web sites. Use these to do some comparison-shopping and get the best rate.

If you are willing to put up with a little bit of uncertainty, you could also choose to book into a hotel at short notice against a cancellation. All hotels announce these vacancies on their websites. So as you get out of Marco Polo airport or leave you train, head for a cyber café and do a quick search.

When you find a last minute vacancy, you can book on the spot and you have a room. You can get some really good rates this way. For example a double bed economy that can cost you as much as € 139 on regular bookings can be had for only €49 against a cancellation on the same day. Saving € 90 per night is not something you can scoff at especially if you are traveling without children to accompany you and don’t mind a little additional work. Don’t worry that the hotel may not honor the rate it advertises on its web site, by an agreement, all hotels are bound to the rates they advertise on their websites.

Many budget travelers also find it very sensible to stay on the mainland. Rates for comparable accommodation are easily half of that in Venice proper. The connectivity between Mestre and Venice is so good that it will not trouble you in any way. An added advantage is the much lower costs of food in the Mainland.

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