Venice Vacations
Venice Vacations

Welcome To Venice!

O Sole Mio! This romantic call echoing out from the gondolas in Venice has stirred many a couch potato to pull on his backpack and get over to Venice. Countless films featuring the canals, gondolas and bridges in Venice have no doubt evoked a strong interest in a visit to Venice. One of the most romantic cities in Europe beckons. Read on!

When the Roman Empire collapsed in the 5-6th Century, some inhabitants from the mainland escaped to the semi swampy area that slowly grew into Venice. Slowly, the numbers of inhabitants grew and every island in the area was occupied and the distinctive character of the city emerged. However, it was only in 1866 AD that the city merged with the Kingdom of Italy.

Comprising of more than a hundred small islands, a hundred and fifty canals and more than four hundred bridges, Venice is built like no other city in the world. Water and indeed high water (the locals call it 'acqua alta') is a standard feature of life in Venice. The water level in the lagoon will sometimes rise and flood the streets. So regular is this flooding that raised walkways are specially built to let people go about their business when the high water hits. Backpackers and student travellers often slosh through the water, not recommended though anymore, since the water is not clean. However, the high water is quite predictable and is announced well in advance.

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    As a city that sees more tourists than citizens, Venice knows its primary industry well. Venice hotels offer a wide variety of accommodation. There is something for the budget traveller and for those with more generous means. The architectural beauty of Venice and the stories connected with famous buildings often cause travellers to overstay. The famous bridge of sighs - for example - has no romantic sighs associated with it. It connects an old trial court and a prison, and the sighs were presumably of the convicts who were herded to jail!

    Alas! The city is not going to be around forever. Water is slowly corroding the foundations of the city and the buildings themselves are sinking. Unless some major (and exceptionally successful) steps are not initiated, Venice will eventually end up as Atlantis! But do not despair just yet. The process will still take a few thousand years.

    Holiday in Venice can be the most memorable experience in your life. Summer or winter, Venice offers great sights and a unique environment that is unparalleled anywhere else. Whether a budget traveller or as someone on a more elaborate vacation, you cant beat the sights of Venice, Italy!

    In the meantime, Venice is the ideal holiday spot. Its rich history and intricate system of waterways and walkways mean there is a surprise around every corner. Venice is a place you can visit many times and not discover all its secrets. Many affordable hotel rooms and timeshares for rent are available right in the city so travellers can immediately enjoy all Venice has to offer!

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