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Venice Vacations

Nightlife In Venice

To really understand background behind the way nightlife in Venice, Italy is organized, one needs to understand the fact that many of the younger people have moved to other cities due to the high cost of living and most of the city caters to the tourist trade. As a result, nightlife in Venice is not as hot as it could be. There are restrictions due to noise pollution laws as well.

Most nightclubs are around the Lido and are very active during the summers when you can easily find Hollywood celebrities However; these become dormant in the non-tourist seasons. Entry rules can sometimes be a little difficult; it helps if you have a young lady with you!

Pubs and other watering spots – The best pubs are generally clustered around St. Mark’s square. These are generally thronged by tourists. You can find the local gentry in the pubs that are generally on the backstreets of San Polo or Cannaregio. To qualify for a drink, a person has to be over 18. A beer will cost you from € 3 upwards depending on the place you are in. A few of the well known bars and other hangouts in Venice are discussed here.

Harry’s Bar- by far the best known. Located on the western edge of St. Mark’s square, this is classy and expensive. It is best known for its Bellini – a cocktail with a fresh peach juice base. This is an old join that has aged wonderfully well. It has been owned by the Cipriani family and boasts of the who-is-who of Hollywood amongst its clients.

Florian and Quadri - two well known haunts on St. Mark’s square – have beautiful live music and a view to match. The bars are expensive but more than make up in service and elegance.

Casinos – Venice has just the one but then you haven’t gone to Venice just to gamble have you? This is a shifting casino. In the summers they shift to the beachfront whereas in winters they will be found on the Grand Canal. Games include blackjack, video poker and roulette. They insist on a dress code and check your passport to be sure you are over 21.

Bye and large, if it is the nightlife that interests you, besides the beauty that Venice has on offer, then you could head for the mainland and go to Mestre or Vienna, Florence etc. The noise restrictions are much relaxed and the availability of space makes for better settings. A popular one is Casanova Disco Club although it does have a reputation that will cause most parents to ban their youngsters from going anywhere near it!

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