Venice Vacations
Venice Vacations

Reaching Venice

So you have taken a decision to get to Venice. I am glad you did, now let me tell you how to about reaching Venice and other important information like flights to Venice, trains to Venice, Venice accommodation, Venice hotels, Venice vacations etc.


A very large number of tourists, and mostly all student travelers and backpackers, choose to travel Venice by train for reaching Venice. The station you need to get down at is Santa Lucia and not Venezia Mestre. Santa Lucia is a large building right at the point where the Grand Canal starts. From here you could take a brisk walk to the city centre or take a water bus from the jetty just opposite the station. Venezia Mestre, where you should not get off, is on the mainland. Venice is well connected by train to many parts of Europe and certainly to all of Italy.

Coming In By Plane

Venice has two airports in the vicinity of which the Marco Polo is the main that host the flights to Venice. It is located on the mainland near Mestre. A large number of national and international flights make Marco Polo their destination. Marco Polo is around 12 kilometers from Venice and you get shuttle buses to the Alilaguna Jetty. € 10 from the jetty will give you long boat ride (nearly an hour) to the islands. You can also travel faster, by a water taxi but that will cost around € 80.

There is a smaller airport as well, near Treviso, about 40 km away and is used mainly by charter flights.

Driving In

Many tourists do travel to Venice by car taking help of Venice car rentals, but since the main part of the city is car free, these will have to be parked during your stay in Venice. For this reason, Venice has developed what is Europe’s largest car park at Piazzale Roma (the entrance to Venice) but parking here is expensive. A good solution is to park on the mainland near Mestre railway station and take a train to Santa Lucia. Using Venice car rental is a good idea as well since you can just hand over the keys and be done with it. Just remember to park on the street and not in normal parking when you hand the car over. Most major rental companies have a presence in Venice to help you getting around Venice. Do ask beforehand for a Venice car rental.

Arriving By Boat

You could even come to Venice through the Adriatic Sea. Many ships arrive here and berth at Stazione Marittima on the main islands. From here you can easily get water taxis or buses to anywhere in the city. Holiday in Venice can be the most memorable experience in your life.

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