Venice Vacations
Venice Vacations

Shopping In Venice

Beware of extra baggage charges when you go back from Venice vacations! If you are anywhere like the average holiday maker, chances are you will double your baggage by the time you board that flight at Marco Polo. You can easily divide your stay at Venice hotel in Venice between sightseeing and shopping in Venice. Which is more will depend on your taste.

Venice is a happy hunting ground for those who love to shop during Venice tours. Whether you go for the loud stuff or for the very subdued and classy, Venice will spoil you for choice. If you explore the city thoroughly, you will find a vast array of souvenirs. Explore a little deeper and you will find those back streets where the beautiful handicrafts are made. Not only will you get bargains there, you will also get to see skills that are seldom displayed elsewhere. As you walk around the streets, you will doubtless find shops that entice you. It is best if you mark them on a map and plan at your Venice hotel. Chances are you will not be able to locate them again otherwise, while shopping in Venice.

The traditional Venetian fare is glass and lace but you will find exquisite jewelry, carved wood figures and of course the traditional mask - made of paper, painstakingly glued layer after layer and painted beautifully. Nearly every tourist heading out of Venice will carry a few back with him.

Glass in Venice, Italy is exceptional. You will find the daintiest glass jewelry and the largest chandeliers. The colors are enticing and the originality is sometimes really breathtaking. If glass takes your fancy, you could plan a visit to Murano island where the skill has taken an art form.

Having developed with the tourist trade, modern Venice does not have a defined marketplace as such for shopping in Venice. The area between the Rialto Bridge and San Polo though has a higher density of shops than other parts. All the big retail stores have a presence in Venice, but that is probably not what you are looking for.

Being a tourist city, full of Venice hotels, you can expect to pay exorbitant prices. Though, if you are prepared to walk a bit and spend some time bargaining, you might get a reduction. A trick is to get to the best price and then pretend disinterest. You might get a slightly better price. Talking of costs, can taxes be far behind? Typical takes vary between 12-14%. If you are not from the European Union, you should retain receipts to reclaim your VAT at airports after your Venice vacations.

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