Venice Vacations
Venice Vacations

Venice Travel - Seeing Venice The Practical Way

Venice is meant for walking and for Venice tours and for Venice travel. With 170 canals, 118 islands and 430 footbridges, walking is about the most practical method of seeing the city during your Venice vacations. There are just three major bridges across the Grand Canal – these are the Ponte degli Scalzi, just outside the railway station, the Ponte Rialto – the famous Venice bridge and the wooden Ponte Accademia. Venice is one of the few urban areas in the world where cars are not allowed, so armed with a map and good sturdy shoes you can set off on your voyage of discovery while getting around Venice.

And a voyage of discovery it is. Venice has an old and lasting culture that has naturally developed to form a number of museums. In fact, these are so numerous that you can purchase a pass for all of these together at the time of your checking in a Venice hotel.

Before I tell you about the passes, let me give you some good news – in Venice you are an adult only if you are over 30! Don’t worry – the bars serve anyone over 18. The over 30 rule means that anyone between 4 and 29 gets a concessional rate. The city has initiated a number of passes that can be purchased in advance to make things simpler for tourists.

Initially, the city elders contemplated a city entry pass. However, that rule did not get passed and what we now have is a museum pass and a Venice Card in two bright colors – blue and orange. The museum pass gives you admission to all city museums (one each) and costs 16€ for adults and 10€ for others. The pass is valid for three months and is sufficient enough travel Venice.

The other passes are – the blue and the orange. The blue will give you free passage on the buses and the vaporetti. They also give you free use of public toilets, a reserved parking slot and a cheaper church pass (5€ as against 8€).

The orange pass gives you the blue pass plus the museum pass in one convenient passage. With this pass you can jump queues and even get a free ride to the airport. In the next few months, there may be shops and other establishments supporting it too.

The blue card costs 14€ per adult per day and the rate drop rapidly if you buy for more days. For 7 days you pay just 51€. The rates for the orange card are 28 € and for 7 days it is just 68€. It is obvious that the city elders want you to stay for longer durations in Venice.

But that is just Venezia hospitality I suppose!

Enjoy your trip. get most out of your Venice travel.

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